Dr Who – Season 2 Ep 1 – New Earth

Well that did prove to be an interesting ep to watch, though it did take me watching it twice to have much of an opinion of it (got to love time surfing).

Anyhow, New Earth … interesting ep in general for this ep they brought back Cassandra from season 1 ep 2 The End of the World. Not sure if I really liked them brining her back, but hay how they killer her off finally was not that bad (though not sure if I liked it either, on well).

The ep itself does of course give hope for the human race like most of the Dr Who eps do. But one thing I must say I did like the make up of the Cat Nuns/Nurses that was well dun, even if the masks where apparently from a Costume Shop (that’s what the commentary review of the ep said at any rate), I really did like the costumes what can I say I like humanoid felines, there is just something about them that speaks to the fur in me.

Guess all in all it was a good first ep for the season, and hay you actually got to see Rose kiss the doctor and his reaction to getting kissed … chuckles. The special effects in regards to the humans who are caring a infectious plague well that was well dun how they passed the deal on to the women who got touched (granted it was all special effects, but still very well dun).

And the teaser for the second ep, well hay werewolves have got to make things interesting to say the least, especially if you remember all the wolf imagery from season 1 to start with.

Well I am looking for the second ep Tooth and Claw.

Doctor Who: New Earth (00:43:58)Doctor WhoDoctor Who: Series Two



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