Medical, not always what it seems

Saw my GP today I’d totally forgotten about the appointment, I knew that it was coming up but in all honestly I thought it was next week sometime, not TODAY! I was totally ill prepared which might have been a good thing because I was in a epic flair that she got to see me at almost my worst that mostly only my husband see’s me at early in the morning or when I’ve dun a lot and my body says enough is enough and calls it virtual quits on me.

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Day 12 – Cymbalta / Duloxetine taper

Well back on track for the taper, but grrr that missed dosage seems to be kicking by backside, makes me wonder if going cold turkey is the better idea when all is said and dun (yes I know it really isn’t but it still makes me feel like I should if missing a single dosage cases this side effect! and I was doing decent the 24 hours I was off of it.

Oh well got two more weeks then I’ll be going cold to see how it goes, I’m hoping that everything goes alright for me as I can’t keep this up how things are on this drug or the way it is making me feel.

post more as time does allow for it.

Day 11 – Cymbalta / Duloxetine taper

Well forgot to take my dosage yesterday so not sure what some of today I went through is related to withdrawal or just one of my flairs that happens from time to time. I did get a LOT dun today that is for sure which is great since I had a lot that needed doing.

Well post more later

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