The Wheelchair

Well, it has been a good month and change now since I got the updated chair, still not 100% sure if it is a loner or if its mine to keep. It still doesn’t quite fit me as I was expecting it to and since I didn’t have much of a fitting when the sales rep n the OT (i felt very rushed with our first meeting, and the last meeting when the chair was delivered since it was during COVID-19 I felt even MORE rushed). Part of me is thinking that the chair I’m currently in is my perm chair – time will tell though as I’ve had no follow up from anyone since it was dropped off (which is strange).

When we were talking to the sales rep and the OT, one thing that Norman and I stressed was that it NEEDED to fit into our SUV and we were assured that it would, well that was a half-truth. It will go in, but at the expense that it defeats the purpose of having it when we can’t go shopping because we have no room to put any groceries that we need to pick up, not unless we choose to leave our Service Dogs at home when we go shopping, which in turn defeats the purpose of even having a service dog in the first place (anyone for a catch 22 or something?).

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