Life happenings

Well I know I keep changing the header of my page, and I still plan on doing so but I’m starting to think I need to keep it semi constant instead of the monthly or seasonally changing it type deal … not 100% sure atm what I’m going to do but atm I’m going to stick with the current one that I’ve put up which has two images of Storm my Service Dog within in (close up and a shot taken from the side of her while out and about).

Other wise health wise things are going as they are, still not back to my old self but working on it with the help of others around me and in the medical world. My mobility unfortunately is not improving but getting worse it does feel and I have 0 answers as to why it is happening or what is even causing it to happen, all I keep getting told is “Walk More” and “Keep Active” like HELLO I am keeping as active as I am able to do so, which does mean often pushing myself until I end up in more pain then is easy to push through (and some times I just can’t push through it and have to listen to my body).

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