What Is Yule?

Yule is celebrated at the Winter Solstice, so it can vary slightly from year to year. This Sabbat celebrates the Winter Solstice and the birth of the God from the womb of the Goddess.

This day (Yule) is the day with the least amount of sunlight for the year. Many trees have lost their leaves, very few foods are growing, and the cold is setting in. From this day forth, the days will get longer and the nights shorter, hence, the Sun God is born on Yule and he will grow in strength to bring us our “growing season”. The fact that the Goddess gives birth to the God emphasizes the duality of power … it is from the fertility of the Goddess that brings us the God and his power to grow the foods.

Most rituals on this day celebrate the coming of the God, and the fertility of the higher power. We tend to feast on foods that represent, and contain, the energy of the sun.

Blessings, the colors of Yule are accepted by the populace as Red, White and Green with some of their general Magickal properties explained below:

General Magickal Properties of the Colour Red: Use red for spells and rituals concerning love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, and courage
Chakra Relation: 1st Chakra
Planetary Relation: Mars
Zodiac Relation: Aries & Scorpio
Day of the Week Relation: Tuesday
Music Note Relation: “C”
Elemental Relation: Fire

General Magickal Properties of the Colour White: The color white is good for protection, peace, purification, purity, and truth.
Magickal Relation: Original Primary Colour
Chakra Relation: 7th Chakra
Zodiac Relation: Can be used for Aquarius and Pisces (silver or Purple may be better though)
Day of the Week Relation: Monday
Planetary Relation: Moon
Musical Note Relation: Slightly associated with “F”

General Magickal Properties of the Colour Green: The color green is good for money, wealth, prosperity, luck, fertility, and healing.
Magickal Relation: Secondary Colour
Chakra Relation: 4th Chakra
Zodiac Relation: Cancer
Day of the Week Relation: Friday
Planetary Relation: Venus
Musical Note Relation: “F”



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