Top 5 Crystals For the Witch

Witches believe nature is sacred and all things of the natural world have a magickal power that can be directly experienced by us because we are born of this natural world. Crystals are packed with ‘earth’ power – they are born of the earth and most actually ‘grow’ within it until they are disturbed or moved by a collector. Witches believe various crystals are aligned to certain qualities and actions and these abilities can be called upon according to the Witches’ will. So we wear them in ceremonial jewellery, use them for healings by placing them on the body and we store them with our herbs and other objects we use for ritual and spell casting.

In spell casting a Witch can charge her crystals with her intent to bless the spell and make it more effective.


5. Turquoise – Protection and Healing
American Indians think that turquoise protects against snakebite and gives the ability to stand amongst wild animals without being harmed. It is a very powerful healing stone, either carried in an amulet bag, worn as jewellery or placed on the chakra points to clear negative energy.

4. Moonstone – Especially good for women
Moonstone, strengthens the will, calms the mind, beings a sense of inner security and encourages happiness – great for those PMT blues! Priestesses wear moonstone as their sacred stone – as it becomes attuned to the wearers energy it changes tint.

3. Bloodstone – Strength and bravery
Wearing bloodstone encourages fame and recognition for your efforts. It also supports a long life. Bloodstone has been used as a talisman for soldiers and warriors. Expectant mothers can wear bloodstone on their left arm until labour to prevent a miscarriage and then swap to their right arm for an easy delivery.

2. Clear Quartz – Multi-purpose
Clear quartz can take the place of any crystal if you charge it (hold in your hand and project your energy into it) and state your intent to it. The best crystal calls are made of clear quartz. It has piezo-electric qualities which means it can convert physical energy into electrical energy and vice-versa. Keep your quartz out of direct sunlight when using it magickally. Smoky quartz is aligned to men, much as moonstone if aligned to women.

1. Amethyst – Psychic power
A member of the quartz family, Amethyst is the ultimate psychic stimulator – I always keep some on my altar. It brings peace of mind and can increase beauty and keep love alive.



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