The Goddess Tara

With her third eye, and eyes in each hand and foot, Tara sees beyond the mortal veil into eternity, gently reminding us that all things pass, and each moment is perfect. Open your eyes to the Now, says Tara, and be at peace.

~ I radiate love
~ I live in love
~ I am worthy of love
~ My peace is shared peace
~ I am weightless and free of burden
~ I am tolerant of everyone around me
~ I have great joy, and therefore great energy

Essential Oils: Goddessence Kwan Yin and/or Isis 100% pure essential oil

Related gemstones: Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, emerald (pink or green stones)

The goddess Tara has many different traditions – she is a Hindu symbol of eternal light and love, a Buddhist goddess of compassion teaching the wisdom of non-attachment, and a Tibetan goddess of love. Born from her mother’s single tear-drop of compassion for humanity’s suffering, Tara’s essential energy is that of answering human pleas for assistance.

The different aspects of Tara promise health and long life engendering growth and prosperity. Other fiercer guises foster healing and courage through adversity and suffering. Yet Tara’s core attribute is that of compassion – she will not turn anyone away but will reach for them, embrace them, and instil them with a sense of profound love and peace.

Hold an often-worn gemstone in your hand, it could be a precious gem that you have in a ring, or a stone you wear around your neck. Notice how it sparkles or shines when you move it around in the light. Lose focus while you imagine this light increasing to the absorb you, reaching out to the corners of the room you are in, extending even further to encompass the whole house, then reaching up, up, up far into the sky and far out wide around your neighbourhood. In your mind’s eye visualise all those to whom you send this light, easily accepting it and allowing their own hearts to be whole and healed.

Understand that this light represents Tara’s love, and that you have the power to unleash it from within you. Every time you look at this gemstone in the future, remember Tara’s love and compassion, and radiate it to others.



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