Aztec Gods

Cihuacoatl: a goddess whose roaring signalled War.

Centeotl: the Corn god. He was a son of Tlazolteotl and the husband of Xochiquetzal.

Chalchiuhtlicue: the goddess of running Water. She was the sister of Tlaloc.

Chantico: the goddess of Hearth Fires and Volcanoes.

Chicomecoatl: the goddess of Corn and Fertility.

Ehecatl: Ehecatl was the god of the Wind.

Huitzilopochtli: the son of Coatlicue and a god of War and the Sun.

Huixtocihuatl: the goddess of Salt.

Itzpapalotl: a goddess of Agriculture.

Ixtlilton: the god of Healing, Feasting, and Games.

Macuilxochitl: the god of Music and Dance.

Mayahuel: Mayahuel was a goddess of Maguey.

Metztli: the Moon god.

Mictlan: the underworld and home of all the dead except warriors and women who died in labor.

Mictlantecihuatl: the lady and goddess of Mictlan and the Realm of the Dead.

Mictlantecuhtli: the lord and god of Mictlan and the dead.

Ometecuhtli: the god of Duality.

Patecatl: the god of Mrdicine.

Paynal: the messenger to Huitzilopochtli.

Quetzalcoati: In Aztec and Toltec mythology, Quetzalcoati was the feathered serpent god. Quetzalcoatl: In ancient Mexican mythology, Quetzalcoatl was the god of the Air. He presided over commerce, and was said to have predicted the coming of the Spaniards.

Teoyaomqui: the god of Dead Warriors.

Tlaloc: the great Rain and Fertility god. He lived at Tlalocan with the corn goddesses.

Tlalocan: Tlalocan was the earthly paradise of Tlaloc, located in the East, the place of Light and Life. It was where the souls of those killed by lightning, dropsy, skin diseases, and those sacrificed to Tlaloc went.

Tlazolteotl: the goddess of Licentiousness.

Tonacatecuhtli: the creator and provider of Food.

Tonatiuh: Tonatiuh was a Sun god, the eagle, and heavenly warrior.

Xilonen: the goddess of young Maize. She was a wife of Tezcatlipoca.

Xipe Totec: the god of Seedtime.

Xochipilli: the god of Feasting and young Maize.

Yacatecuhtli: the god of Merchant Adventurers.



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