The Four Faeie Shaman Gifts

When the Great Tuatha De Dannan came to the shores of this reality, they brought with them four Faerie Gifts. These gifts were used in the Creation Battle to dispel the workers of darkness. The Dagda, the great Father-Lord, brought with him the Cauldron (chalice, emotional power). It would produce food for all who needed it, and any weapon dipped in its waters was immediately repaired.

Nuada, the Silver-Armed, brought the Sword (athame, intellectual power). No enemy it was turned upon would succeed in battle.

Lugh brought the Spear (wand, creative power). When thrown, it would never miss its target and it would always return to the hand of the thrower.

The final was the Stone of Faal, or Stone of Destiny (pentacle, material power). It was the solid foundation upon which this reality was built.

The Tuatha De Dannan won the battle and peace and tranquillity reigned for hundreds of years. Then the Milesians (humankind) came, and the Tuatha knew that their time was over. Until this point, the spiritual world and physical world existed on the same plane.

Rather than fight the Milesians, who were born pure of heart, the Great Faeries decided to rip the worlds asunder and split the Spiritual Plane (Astral) from the Physical Plane. But they knew that one plane fed upon the other and needed it for existence.

So they created many doorways between the worlds. The “Keys” to these doors are the Four Great Faerie Gifts. They placed the energies of the four keys in the hearts of the Milesian to be drawn upon to enter the Gates to the Other-Worlds.

The Spear of Lugh represents the urge to explore one’s spirituality. It also represents one’s creative urges, inspiration, and young fragile ideas.

The Cauldron of the Dagda represents ones emotional health, relationships, and the need to connect with others.

The Sword of Nuada is the intellectual curiosity inherent in humankind; the need to learn, explore, and communicate with others.

Finally, the Stone of Faal represents the ability to keep one’s material life stable; this includes physical health, as well as achieving the means to support and sustain oneself.

The Faerie Gifts are a way to balance one’s life to meet the many needs of the soul, mind, body and spirit. It is vital that the four Faerie Gifts remain balanced in the soul. No one gift should be sacrificed for the other three.

For example, one should never explore the spirit realms while ignoring the material level. One should never throw oneself into a relationship at the expense of intellectual exploration. Strive always to maintain this balance.

When all Faerie Gifts are tended to, one can achieve a sense of Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Physical health.

Faerie Quest to Regain Balance
-Close your eyes and begin breathing in a slow and steady manner. Use whatever methods you need to achieve your shamanic state of consciousness.

-You materialize in a small clearing with a well in the center of it. Stand for a few minutes and gaze at your surroundings and become familiar with them. Approach the well.

-Allow all of your cares, worries, and stressors to materialize as small pebbles in the palm of your hand. Drop them into the well, and watch them disappear into the darkness. When you hear the sound of them hitting the waters, turn and walk away.

-You walk down a path into the woods. Small woodland creatures and faeries play and frolic in the greenery. Perhaps your Faerie Guides and Animal Helpers approach you and join you on this quest. You enter a small clearing and sit on the earth.

-You see four great trees before you. Each tree has a different symbol glowing in its bark.

The first has a red spear, the second a blue cauldron, the third a yellow sword, and the fourth a green stone.

Look at the images. Get up and go over to touch them if you wish. Are any of them dimmer or brighter than the others. How does each make you feel? Are you drawn or repelled by any specific symbols.

Knowing the basis behind the symbols, intuitively analyze them. Do any of them need to be brightened? Send your power into them and make them burn stronger. Do any need to be dimmed? Transfer some of its power into the healing earth. Use all of your Faerie Shaman skills to achieve a sense of balance in these symbols. Remain here for a while.

-When you are done, return back down the path. Tell your Spirit Friends good-bye and return to the clearing by the well. Look up into the sky. The sun is setting to the west and the moon is rising to the east. A glowing light surrounds you as you return to your body.

-Record your observations and thoughts in your diary.



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