Portable Alters

To make a Nanta Bag, or portable altar, first sew a bag about the size of a trade paperback, or buy a pretty bag, preferably with a handle, like a small silk purse.

Fill with the following:
A large needle or tiny knife for the athame
Twig for the wand
Thimble or small cup for the chalice (you can use a small seashell)
Coin with a pentagram etched on it, or other pentacle object
Goddess representation (I used a moon button)
God representation (and a sun button!)
Small candles (birthday candles work great)
Incense or herbs
Handkerchief for altar cloth
Vessel for anointing oil
Small bowls for water/salt
Container of water
Markers for the quarters (maybe 4 different colored stones?)
Matches (don’t forget!)
Any other objects that are meaningful to you

Suggested consecration:
O Great Nanta, bless and empower this pouch and all within it, making it a bridge to Power.
I am linked to You, and You are linked to Nature.
We are One from three.
We are the Triangle manifest.
In the names of Diana and Dianus, so be it done.



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