Magickal Correspondences of Animals

Alligator – Survival, Stealth, Power

Ant – Teamwork, Organization, Community, Kinship

Antelope – Speed, Grace

Armadillo – Protection, Safety

Badger – Orderliness, Tenacity

Bat – Insight, Intuition

Bear – Strength, Introspection, Healing, Self Knowledge

Beaver – Building, Shaping, Beginning New Projects

Bee – Service, herbalish, Community

Bluebird – Happiness, Luck

Blue Jay – Resourcefulness, Adaptability

Buffalo – Abundance, Healing, Good Fortune

Cardinal – Vitallity, self-love and esteem

Caribou – Travel, Mobility

Chickadee – Truthfulness

Cougar – Balance, Leadership

Coyote – Humor, Trickiness, Reversal of Fortune

Crane – Balance, Majesty, Longevity

Crow – Intelliegence, Magick, Warrior Spirit, Phophecy, Council, Wisdom

Deer – Gentleness, Sensitivity, Peace, Wisdom

Dog – Loyalty, Companionship

Dolphin – Joy, Harmony, Connection with Self, Communication

Dove – Peace, Motherhood, Prophecy

Dragonfly – Skill, refinement, Relentlessness, Creativity

Duck – Comfort, Protection

Eagle – Inspiration, Courage, Healing, Creativity, Potency, Illumination,

Elk – Pride, Power, Majesty

Finch – Energy, Variety, Potential, Action

Firefly – Communicaton, Illumination

Fox – Cleverness, Subtlety, Discretion

Frog – Cleansing, Peace, Emotional Healing

Goat – Tenacity, Diligence

Goose – Travel, Quest, Awakening, Safe Return, Love of home

Hawk – Psychic Vision, Protection, Awareness, Truth

Hedgehog – Self-preservation

Horse – Freedom, Power, Safe Movement, Transformation, Shapeshifting

Hummingbird – Joy, Fertility, Agility, Wonder, Beauty

Kingfisher – Prosperity, Love

Lady Bug – Delight, Trust

Lizard – Letting go, Elusiveness

Loon – Communication, Serenity

Moose – Unpredictability, spontaneity

Mouse – Illusion, Charm

Otter – Joy, Laughter, Lightness

Owl – Wisdom, Vsion, Insight, Prophecy, Healing, Fertility, Mystery

Pea***** – Recognition, Self-Assurance

Pelican – Abundance, Plenty

Pheasant – Warning, Concealment

Porcupine – Innocence, Humility

Quail – Protectiveness, Group Harmony

Rabbit – Conquering Fear, Safety

Racoon – Curiosity, Inquisitiveness

Ram – Strength, Determination

Raven – Mystery, Exploration of the Unknow, Magick, Creation, Resolve

Roadrunner – Speed Agility

Salmon – Determination, Persisitence

Sandpiper – Quickness, Foraging, Scavenging

Scorpion – Defense, Self-Protection

Seagull – Carefree attitude, Versatility, Freedom

Seahorse – Nourishing, Fathering

Seal – Contentment

Skunk – Caution, Warning

Snail – Perserverance, Determination

Sparrow – Victory, Dignity, Self-Worth

Snake – Power, Life Force, Sexual Potency

Spider – Interconnectedness, Industry

Squirrel – Trust, Thrift

Starling – Protection, Hope, Family, Unity, Communication

Swan – Truth, Beauty, Self-Knowledge, Elegance, Nurturing

Swift – Speed, Agility

Turtle – Love, Protection, Healing, Knowledge

Vulture – Death, Rebirth, Purification

Whale – Creativity, Intuition

Wolf – Teaching, Loyalty, Interdependence

Woodpecker – Change, Persistence, Rhythm, Insight, Healing, Love

Wren – Boldness, Resourcefulness



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