Astrological House

Below is the classical interpretation of the Astrological House spread, employed by Roman astrologers in the fourth century A.D. Shuffle the cards, and lay out one card, face down, at each of the twelve sections, in numerical order (i.e. starting with one, and working anti-clockwise through to twelve.

1. HOUSE ONE: HOUSE OF LIFE–EASTERN RISING – Here is the vital spirit of the querent, how he or she thinks about themselves and hat is “rising” in his or her life. Future trends and ways of new thinking will fall here. The basic character of the person at this point in time will be revealed. Normally the first house connects with all the others and will show a theme throughout the reading.

2. HOUSE TWO: HOUSE OF VALUE–RISING FROM THE UNDERWORLD – What is most important to the querent in terms of value will appear here. Sometimes this will be about material things, but other times it may be about intangible aspects of the individual. This placement will also show you how the person has risen above recent experiences or overcome events. Personal addictions sometimes appear here.

3. HOUSE THREE: HOUSE OF BROTHERS–HOME OF THE GODDESS – The impact of the actions of siblings, short-distance travel, and the type of communication currently enjoyed by the querent will be found here. Goddess-centred studies, magicks, and rituals that can be performed to help the querent sometimes appear in this position.

4. HOUSE FOUR: HOUSE OF PARENTS–ALCHEMICAL LOWER HEAVEN – The current relationship with parents and family might be clarified by the cards in this house. Depending on how this chart is read, the dominant parent would be in the tenth house and the more submissive or supportive parent in the fourth. This is also the house of endings, therefore after the entire spread is read, any cards in this placement can give you a specific end to the matter. The Alchemical Lower Heaven shows what efforts the querent is making to build toward a better future in the realm of “home base,” and relates to bringing thought into form.

5. HOUSE FIVE: HOUSE OF CHILDREN–GOOD LUCK – If the individual has children, the impact of their actions fall here. If one has a pet that is considered a family member, you’ll find this friend in the fifth house too. Opportunities of future good luck and people who bring good fortune toward the client will also appear in this house. Affairs or chance encounters and hobbies also show up in this placement.

6. HOUSE SIX: HOUSE OF HEALTH AND SICKNESS–BAD LUCK – General health issues (both good and bad), psychological recovery, and daily tasks are ruled by the cards placed here. Any recent unfortunate circumstances that would be considered a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario will be found here. As to the future, this is the house of warning, letting the querent know what can be changed to avoid disaster should such circumstances be looming on the horizon.

7. HOUSE SEVEN: HOUSE OF MARRIAGE–WESTERN SETTING – Any type of long-lasting partnership, whether in marriage, schooling, or business, appears here – from best friends to live-in lovers to future marriage prospects. This is also the house of open enemies, meaning those people who purposefully bring bad luck to your doorstep. Finally, the house of western setting lets us know what is beginning to move out of the querent’s life. What is finished will show up in the next house.

8. HOUSE EIGHT: HOUSE OF DEATH–DESCENDING TO THE UNDERWORLD – This is by far the most interesting house in the Roman spread, as it tells us what we should have finished, what is finished (but we are too stubborn to admit it), and what we may be burying in our subconscious so that it can percolate awhile. “Cast off thy raiments” is a very good analogy for this placement. What is left when all is gone? Only your own true self, which will emerge in the second house in a later reading.

9. HOUSE NINE: HOUSE OF JOURNEYS–HOME OF THE GOD – Long-distance travel and higher education are found here. How the querent reacts to the laws of the land or school (or whatever) may also be discovered. One’s current social class and faith, in the self and in others, might also be shown. This is the home of the God (Sun God), and in that respect speaks of any rituals, magicks, or studies that relate to this energy.

10. HOUSE TEN: HOUSE OF HONOURS–HIGHEST ALCHEMICAL HEAVEN – This position shows where the querent has the highest influence, and who may have influence over him or her. If the querent is experiencing a psychological dysfunction, it may appear here. Career, recent and future achievements, and the dominant parent are also under the rulership of this house.

11. HOUSE ELEVEN: HOUSE OF FRIENDS–GOOD SPIRIT – The querent’s connections to people and groups of all sorts can be found here, as well as possible hopes and dreams. Information about one’s guardian angel/spirit guide might also be found. In the Roman system, one’s association to Spirit and faith are also shown here.

12. HOUSE TWELVE: HOUSE OF ENEMIES–BAD SPIRIT – The character of enemies (open and hidden) can sometimes be discerned through the cards that fall here, or those groups or organizations that carry ill toward the querent. Hidden physical illnesses (bad spirits) might be discovered by reading this placement. This is also the house of one’s undoing – meaning it is another warning house that can let the querent know where not to tread in the future, or what to change to provide a better outcome of a particular situation.



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