How Magic Works

Magick is the ability to make changes in the physical world through manipulating the spiritual world. How this is accomplished can be described by many words – Mind over matter, blind faith, will power are but a few – and all give a good description. To understand how magick works we must first consider and believe the following: The physical world, that which we can sense with our 5 physical senses, is but a part of all that is. That is to say, we must believe in a non-physical or spiritual world. For without believing in the spiritual, there can be no magick.
Magical work can be accomplished by many means – spells, chants, directed dreaming, prayers, earnest wishes and the like. What each method has in common is unswerving belief that what is attempted shall come to pass. That is it, very simple. If our will is strong enough, and we can envision that which we are to accomplish, and we are in tune with the spiritual we can work magick.

The key to successful magickal working requires the vision of what is to be accomplished, the complete and total use of our will to accomplish the task and the ability to use the spiritual energy (from within and without) to reinforce the will to accomplish the task. Rituals, spells, chants, prayers, meditations are all tools which help to focus our will and the spiritual energies to accomplish the goal. For the spiritually adept, one who easily channels the spiritual energies, the force of their will and vivid envisioning of the task are sufficient to work successful magick. Those less adept will require some means to keep the focus.

As one becomes more proficient at channeling spiritual energies, the ability to work magick improves. At some point, the magick worker will be able to make their thoughts manifest by simply willing the magick to work. This level of proficiency can take many years to develop, so do not be discouraged if you find yourself needing a method of focusing your will and energies.

It is imperative that, prior to working any magick, that none shall come to harm as a result of whatever magickal work is to be done. And, in consideration of this, harming none means exactly that – none – for the law of Karmic return works in mysterious, yet undeniable ways. Whatever you do, will come back to you and increased three fold. So, if you cause harm; you shall be harmed. If you cause benefit, you shall benefit. If in doubt, don’t do any magickal working.



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