Elemental Magic

Your first step in any ritual involving elements is to decide which element you need to work with. Consider your goal and then choose the element most appropriate for reaching that goal:
Earth: Formative, strong
Air: Moving, psychic, communicating
Fire: Transforming, energetic, strong emotions
Water: Soothing, relaxing, deals with feelings and emotions

This is only a summary of the properties of each element. If you think you have found the right element, your next step is to read more about the characteristics of that type of energy. Choose from the following links to learn more about your element and decide if it the correct choice for your working:

Earth Energy
Air Energy
Fire Energy
Water Energy

So, using this information, let’s say you wanted to have a ritual for creating stronger passion between you and your spouse. After reading the above information, you would probably choose fire. Pretty simple!

Next, for your elemental ritual, you will probably choose to have the element physically present in some form so that you can draw energy from it. Here are ways to have the element present:

Earth: Stones
Air: Incense
Fire: Candle
Water: A Bowl of Fresh Water

Having the element physically present is optional, but it will help, especially when you are new to this.

Now to begin your ritual! You should start by becoming one with the element, imagining your entire body and spirit as being made out of the element. You can use a simple affirmation to help yourself achieve this, such as “I am (name of element)”. You may hold the element in your hand as you visualize yourself becoming that element. You now have connected with the element, giving you access to a pool of elemental energy.

The final step is to direct the energy towards its goal. You can visualize the energy being released in the direction of the goal while saying an affirmation or chant. For instance, if we use the previous example for increasing passion in a relationship, you could visualize you and your partner being romantic together, and then say in a commanding voice an affirmation such as “The eternal power of fire brings us passion”. Inhale, and feel the remainder of the fire energy being released as you slowly exhale.

It is done. Repeat this ritual often, until the goal has been achieved.

Once you are comfortable with all this information and have practiced enough that you are confident with it, you can move on to Elemental Magic II.

Elemental Magic: Elemental Magic II
Elemental Magic II will cover some more advanced techniques to be used during elemental magic. Please be sure you have read Elemental Magic I first so that you have the foundation in place to learn these advanced techniques.

Having learned the basics and experimented with them, you should no longer need any physical tools for working with the elements, so I will not cover having the element physically present. At this point, you should be ready to use no tools but your own mind.

The first part of the advanced techniques is to learn to moderate the amount of energy you use. You can specifically decide how much or how little energy you wish to send out, which will bring you more exact results. There are many methods to do this, but this is the one I consider easiest.

Once you have reached the step of visualizing yourself as being made out of the element (see Elemental Magic I), place your hands in front of your chest with all the fingers touching eachother (thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger, pinky to pinky, etc.)

Now visualize a ball of light forming within your hands. This ball of light will be in the correct color of the elemental energy you are using:

Earth: Green
Air: Yellow
Fire: Red
Water: Blue

Now, depending on how much energy you will need to use for your ritual, imagine the ball of light growing or shrinking. When you sense that the energy is in the right quantity, use your affirmation and release the energy towards its goal as described in the previous lesson. If you do not want to release the energy, but rather want to energize yourself with it, just inhale to bring the energy into your body.

Another valuable use for the above technique is to charge an amulet, charm, or talisman with the appropriate type of energy. For instance, if you needed a charm that would give you strength, you could use the above method to gather earth energy and then when you release it using your hands, send it directly into the charm. Then your talisman, amulet, or charm would be charged with magical energy which you could carry with you wherever you went, or which you could give to a friend as a present. A simple piece of jewelry could be charged with healing elemental energy, for instance, and then given to a relative who is ill.

Good luck with all your magical workings!



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