Herbs Used For Teas

Alfalfa – Aids Digestion.

Angelica – Mild antispasmodic and digestive aid.

Aniseed – Decongestant for nose and sinuses.

Basil and Borage – “Pick me up” tonic.

Bilberry – Aids circulation.

Black Current – Stimulates taste buds.

Blueberry – Pleasant before meal tea.

Borage – Antimelancholy.

Buchu – Natural diuretic (dangerous if taken to excess.)

Burdock Root – Helps sciatica and rheumatoid arthritis.

Butcher’s Broom – Good diuretic.

Catnip – Relaxant and mild depressant.

Chamomile – Calms hyperactive children; good before bedtime.

Chicory – Normalizes liver function.

Cinnamon – Clears the brain and improves thought processes.

Cornsilk – Reduces pain of urinary infections.

Couch Grass – Tightens and tones up the bladder sphincter, good diuretic.

Dandelion – Improves liver function and kidney function.

Elder Flower – Increases immune function.

Fennel – Good for the pancreas, for good digestion, heartburn

Fenugreek – Good for colds, clogged ears, and aching sinuses, very good at cutting down the mucus in the system.

Ginger – Appetite restorer, soothes heartburn, good digestion

Ginseng – Natural tonic for an energy boost.

Goldenseal – Internal detergent (avoid if you have high blood pressure.)

Hawthorne Berry – Energizing to the elderly.

Hops – Relaxant and calming agent.

Horehound – Helps loosen heavy mucus.

Jasmine – Mild nerve sedative.

Juniper Berry – Helps cystitis or bladder inflammation.

Licorice – Good Laxative.

Nettle – Increases blood pressure (avoid if you have high blood pressure.)

Orange Flowers – Sleep aid.

Oregano – excellent for relieving gas

Parsley – Diuretic (increases flow of urine.)

Peppermint – Anti-gas.

Raspberry – Tightens, tones and strengthens the uterus.

Red Clover – Inner cleanser.

Rose Hips – Adrenal stimulant during daytime.

Sage – Improves brain nourishment; known as the “thinker’s tea”.

Sarsaparilla – Laxative, hormone balancer (not be used on a regular basis.)

Senna – Strong laxative.

Slippery Elm – Pain reliever.

Spearmint – Pain reliever.

Thyme – Sore throats and colds.

Valerian – Natural sedative.

Yarrow – General tonic.



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