Candle Colour Correspondences

WHITE: Protection, cleansing, divination, healing, contacting the gods, and clear vision.

GOLD: Worldly achievement, wealth, recognition, and long life.

SILVER: Divination, awakening different psychic powers (clairvoyance, telepathy, etc…),  astral projection, invoking the goddess, intuition, and repressing unwanted psychic powers or visions.

RED: Courage, increase life force, determination, sexual passion and potency, survival,  physical health, strength, pleasure, and willpower.

ORANGE: Fertility, creative growth, self-esteem, confidence, abundance of all things, and energy.

YELLOW: Mental exercise, gaining someone’s approval, improve memory, increase concentration, and sharpen logic.

GREEN: Healing, gardening, tree magic, growth, good harvest, prosperity, money, and good luck.

BLUE: Create confidence, discover truth, expand mental horizons, success, and protection.

PURPLE: Meditation, past-life work, divination, astral travel, psychic protection, prevention of nightmares, and remembrance for parted loved ones.

PINK: Love, romance, friendship, affection, quiet sleep, rekindling trust, and attracting new friends or lovers.

BROWN: Locating lost objects, home protection, pet protection, money, ideas, and balance.

GRAY: Reaching compromises, invisibility, and settling negative emotions.

BLACK: banishing, leaving a relationship, acknowledging grief, and forgiveness.



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