Aura Cleansing

Your aura accumulates plenty of unwanted energy during the day. Unpleasant emotions (your own or other peoples) and ill health can contribute to negative energy building up in your aura. There are many ways for you to help yourself by cleansing your energy. Here are some outlines of a few methods which don’t require any paraphernalia.

Water, of course, is purifying. The best way to cleanse your aura with water is to go for a dip in the sea; the salt water changes the positive ions in your energy field into negative ones. Remember how good you felt when you returned from that beach holiday? Unfortunately, we don’t all live next to the ocean, but you can resort to cheating. Adding 3 tablespoons of sea salt to a hot bath does the trick nearly as well. Alternatively, you could add Â* cup of baking soda or 10 drops of an essential oil. Soak for about 15 minutes, then pull the plug and imagine the dark energies swirling down the drain as the tub empties. For even more of an effect, turn your bath into a ritual; dim the lights or use candles and listen to one of Bach’s symphonies. You may feel a bit low in energy for a while after a hot bath; soaking in water tends to deplete your aura, but it won’t take longer than 15 minutes to regenerate. Taking a shower is a quick way to cleanse your aura. Be sure to wash your hair and head, so that your crown chakra is purified as well. Your crown chakra is the point where universal energy enters your body.

Letting white or gold light flow in through your crown, through your aura and body, and out through your feet will remove any unwanted energies. Imagine the light raining down on you or bathe in it. Visualize a bowl full of white light; scoop it up with your hands and bathe your whole body from head to toe. It can be interesting and useful to spend some time imagining mists, smokes, rains, and lights of different colors filling your aura. How does a golden rain make you feel? What about a green mist? Or a purple smoke? Or a glowing red light? If you experiment in this way, note the colors that feel good for you, and go back to them for a while before you close.

You can cleanse the aura using nothing more elaborate than breath. Breathe in deeply through your nose whilst counting to ten. Then, with lips pressed slightly together, exhale through your mouth to a count of ten. Repeat this cleansing breath three times. This is a real quickie and can be used anywhere for a fast refresher.

Violet Flame Visualization
The violet flame is another effective way to cleanse the aura of negative energies. Imagine a bonfire burning a strong violet. Step into the flames and let them burn away all the negative energy surrounding you. Increase the intensity of this meditation by vocalizing “I AM the violet flame”. The violet flame is very purifying and transmutes your energies to a higher vibration.

A favorite technique is to burn some herb or incense and let the smoke waft through your aura, carrying any impurities away. Sage is used commonly by Native American healers and witches. Some other herbs used in cleansing incenses are Hyssop, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lemon.



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