Apple Head Crone Dolls

You will need:
potato peeler and paring knife,
coloured markers,
wool yarn,
empty 16 ounce plastic bottle,
bottle cork,
10×16 inch piece of fabric,
rubber band.

When choosing an apple for the doll’s head, remember that a carved fruit will shrink to about 2/3 it’s original size. Peel and core the apple. Then, carve a face on one side, using a tip of a potato peeler to hollow out deep set eyes and a paring knife to make a slit for the mouth. For a nose, incise a triangle that extends from between the eyes toward the mouth.

Then, carve ears, dimples, and extra creases. Place the carved apple on a drying rack and store in a dry spot until it shrinks. Once the head is dry, use colored markers to enhance the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Now, make a wig for your doll.

Cut at least ten strands of yarn that measure twice the desired hair length plus 2 inches. Gather the strands together and fold the bunch in half. Tie another strand around the yarn 1 inch from the fold to make a loop that can be stuffed into the top of the head.

Brain or trim the wig however you like. To make the body, cut off the base of a plastic bottle. Plug the top with a cork to serve as the doll’s neck. Wrap the fabric around the body so that it extends beyond the top and bottom of the bottle. Secure the fabric around the bottleneck with a rubber band and then fold the cloth down. Tuck excess cloth at the base into the bottle.

Now top off the doll by gently pushing the cored apple down onto the cork.



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