A Witches Bible

1. In the beginning was the Light and all things that were, are, and shall be were in the Light. The Light is The Creators, our God and Goddess.

2. And the Light said, Let there be life, and the reverberating vibrations of Their voices caused the creation of the Universes.

3. And the worlds were created and in them were the elements of life; fire, water, air and earth. And the evolution of life began. This was the beginning of ages and cycles of ages.

4. And within the Light were every soul of every creature great and small, and these souls are the Children of the Light.

5. And the Light said, We shall send Our Children out and they shall live, love, learn, and experience as they begin their journey.

6. They shall seek to become perfect, just as we are perfect.

7. The light said, when they have become perfect, they shall return unto us and we shall receive them unto us.

8. And they shall be likened unto us, and then if they desire, they shall go no more out.

9. And in the attainment of this Divine Perfection, we shall give to our children those things that they need to fulfill the journey.

10. There should not be put upon them more than they can endure.

11. Should they not attain this perfection in one life, we shall give them anouther. But between these lives, they shall rest and learn…

12. Study their mistakes and the lessons from the previous lives.

13. Should they require ten lives, we shall give it to them for the attainment of perfection.

14. Should they require seventy lives, we shall give it to them.

15. Should thet require one hundred and twenty-five lives, we shall give it.

16. It matters not to us how many lives that we should give to them as long as they do return to us.

17. For we send our children out and we shall not lose one of them. For they are our chldren.

18. Love from love, light from light, we love them and not one shall be lost.



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