wow, can i sleep now?

Well the papers been put to bed, and now its just the site itself that needs a touch up job .. aka still trying to find that calendar which works within the site and not as a stand alone part … grumbles.

Was burning the midnight oil for the past week, getting maybe 2 to 3 hours sleep each night, not good at all. But I can actually say that the client is pleased with the paper and the site as it stands (though of course some areas could use with an improvement – can’t everything).

Finally got the forms working, talk about ack 20 different programs to find one which would work with the site, hours of trying out different forms and nothing, ziltch, nada. But finally found one which works, at least I think it does don’t know till the client tells me if they got them tests that I did when I posted the forms (will know shortly I do hope)

Managed to get the articles from the paper posted to the site, and layed out almost as close as the paper was layed out … as in its as close as I can make it with HTML coding (if i new css better might have gotten it closer or not). Was going to let ID export the files, but the preview I got was not great as in the text just didn’t work it was ove lapping and the amount of work it would have taken to make sure it worked and flowed was going to take longer then it did to start with I am sure.

Well take care everyone



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