Working on ConBook for FE2015

Well its that time of the year when I really start getting things together for the Furnal Equinox ConBook, this year we’re doing a Furry Arcade and thus between the chair and I we’ve agreed that revamping the conbook and making it look closer to that of a gaming magazine might be a decent idea – as a result I’ve been going though various magazines in the gaming industry looking at various concepts that caught my attention and then seeing what I can do from what I’m seeing to what might or might not work for the conbook and the needs that it serves, since its all black and white inside not colour so having to make the designs work a lot of the spreads that are dun for magazines are not very particle for the conbook, but a few ideas seem to be workable, it just remains to be seen how workable they truly are (as in how other’s – mostly the directors feel about it).

Post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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