Work Would Be Nice

Well it does appear that yesterday’s no work will be the same for today.

I haven’t got a clue why this is the case, but its starting to really miff the hell out of me.

I am not pleased with how the work placement is going at the moment, I get in yesterday only to find an email waiting telling me they don’t need me in – but that the owner will authorize me for a few hours of work at home (aka surf the net for info regarding the program I’m working on), its alright but the fact that he has my landline number and could have called me – would have saved me going in.

This is the third time in a weeks time that its happened, and its starting to piss me off to no end. Its totally unprofessional, and in some regards I am not interested in working there further if this is how it is going to be. It might be close to home, but the boss is driving me nuts with his lack of information, project management skills and lack of professionalism.

I might well enjoy the work I am doing, but I can only enjoy it for so long with all the crap that is going on behind the scenes. I have been told I’ll know later this week if I have work there still – I’m like hello, my contract with you ppl ends this coming friday after that you have to reapply for me towork there again.

I honestly do no think they have a clue about time running out, nor about deadlines etc. At least that is how it is starting to appear to me, which is starting to make me wondering about the actual workings of the business and what not.

Well as everything time will tell what does happen, but this stress I do not need nor want in my life.

take care all,



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