Woofstock – good day

Well just got back from Woofstock .. and it was a different experiance then last year.

There just didn't seem to be the same stuff there as has been in past years, not much free samples or the like this year as there has been in the past, only free deal Griff got was a bandana from Purina, which he doesn't eat because he doesn't like it (and I did try different type with him when I got him, he was on Purina, when I got him, but for the first month he wouldn't touch it, so gave him Iams and he's been on it ever since.)

Well didn't spend as long as we could have there, but then again we saw all of the place, and well we where there for a good 4 hours in total, so thats a fair amount of time outside for me with my sun problem sides Griff was trying to hit the shade at ever possibile opertunity thus he was getting hot himself, so best to come home where its cooler for him to be.

One thing is for sure there are a lot of dog places which cater to small and toy side dogs .. shakes head, for crying out loud there where so many ppl there with small and toy dogs in front carry packs or pushing them around in modified strollers that it was a little nuts in my eyes. Like hello it is a dog, not a tot, yes it might be your child, but its got four legs and it should be using them to get around under its own power. Oh well, i never did understand how ppl could have a pint size pinter and hardly ever let it way more then a block or so .. guess that's why larger dogs work best for me .. i like walking to much to even think of picking one up .. just boggles the mind to do so – to me.

Well I'm looking forward to next years event, but hoping its back to what it was before, but knowing that its likely to continue to change, but hay its life.




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