When the Towers went were where you?

When it all happened I was just turning off the TV after getting some of the morning news, and was heading for bed, had just pulled a all nighter and needed sleep.

The vet woke me up about 3pm in the afternoon, to remind me about my dogs visit and that was she she asked about my opinion on the towers, and to which I said .. “Again?” you see some 8 years ago, Id dreampt that the towers had been crashed into and gone down, even wrote about it in my diary at the time.

Then hearing her ask about it I was like what? I know the thing was rebuilt but they got hit again was my thinking .. talk about a major feeling of daja vu big time … at any rate thanked her for the call to reminded me about the vet visite, and hit the net, didn’t bother with the TV since most channels where just carrying everday programming, though the us carriers did have the tower stuff on just found it way to annoying to listen to the american commentators.

Came online, loaded up my IMs started chatting with friends (noticed that the net was freaking slow thanks to the colape and the main lines getting chopped in that deal – a little miffed with the slowness of the net since it ment listening to the BBC broadcast of what has happened was choppy, but at least the anouncers where not anoying to listen to.

Got some of the facts, called Air Canada to see what was going on on their end of the deal since my folks where do to come home the next day. Was told no flights for a min of 48 hours, had to wait till almost 8pm before I could talk with my folks and tell them to stay put that no Air Canada flights here coming into Canada for the next 48 hours.

Unfortuantly for them, they called air canada the next day and where told they where flying – however the twits forgot to say that only flights within Europe where going not flights to North America, at anyrate my folks ended up spending a week trapped in the air port without any help from the staff … unfortuantly thanks to that stay mom ended up almost not coming home at all, but thankfully her colape sped up the air canada people and shortly there after she and dad where on the next flight home.

I’ll remember that day it happened, as living though daja vu and being really anoyed that my shows where not on, because of all the coverage that was being replayed to death of what had happened (lets say I was getting really tired of the melodram that was still going on).

Now I did louse friends when the towers went down, almost lost family members as well so i can feel some of the pain that people feel about this deal, but when all is said and dun its in the past, time to move on and get back to living and life and in general learn from the past and try and make sure it doesn’t get repeated yet again.



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