When one door closes another opens

Well its not been an easy past few days, or should I say months? even year?

But regardless, some doors have closed and its called the past will be left where it belongs in the past, I’m not biting because I am not interested in doing so, because I am tired of it all oh so tired of it all.

The gods and goddess have seen fit to grant me a special person in my life and thus I close a few chapters of my past. I’m ready to move on with him at my side, and regardless of what other’s say to him I’m not going anywhere because I love him with all my heart and all my being, he is my world on so many levels of my life now that I can not imagine life without him at my side.

I know I’ve gotten miffed with what is going on around him, its life it happens. I know that I’ve gotten miffed with a few areas that have dumped around me as well, again its life roll with the punches, get back up and move forwards.

For those who read this with a negative few of us, that is your view, others who know us do not share it.

It is time to move forwards and to create a future for him and I.

Take care those who read this blog, I will post more and twitter more as time passes.



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