UBC and the Steam Clock

Didn’t do much today, K dad and I did but it was at a slower pace then I’d have liked to have dun things, but since I was still sore from Sundays misadventures i wasn’t taking any chances with what i was going to be doing.

We started the day out by going to breakfast and having a good breakfast (i had my normal – beggle and cream cheese with a muffin and glass of milk), after breakfast we got ready for the days events. Dad got directions on how to get to the UBC Museum of Anthropology, which was a good place to go. I had wanted to go there since I learned we where going to Vancouver, since I’d heard so much about it when I was in University, taking Native Studies (you see many images in my text books came from UBS so the chance to see the actually objects in person I didn’t wish to miss if I could well help it).

We arrived at the Museum, just as it was opening, though making our way to the Museum, was interesting, since its on the other end of UBC from where the busses had left everyone off, it was about 900m from the bus stop, give or take a few meters. It was interesting trying to follow the signs to get to the museum, but we did find it eventually (which is why we managed to get there just as it was opening – it opens at 11 in the morning – dad was glade we didn’t choose to go there on Monday, since we learned when we arrived that its closed on mondays.).

We ended up going on a museum tour, which was informative though I didn’t think much of the person giving the tour since most of the info he was giving I’d learned from school, and it was almost a total repeats of the books I’d read over the years at university. But it was still great to see some of the items I’d only seen in my books in person, and I even managed to get pics of the Raven Creation story, which I was really pleased to be able to get.

I’ll post a few of them, once I get them printed and scanned (they where taken with my dad’s manual camera, since mom had the digital camera – she and her helper where taking in the sights of Victoria, which was great, but bad since it meant it was like a 14 hour day for her, which was to much for her in most regards but her helper wouldn’t go less mom went, and long story short mom couldn’t tell her no since she never really gave mom a chance to do so with all her complaining about having to see the place, and do what ever it was she absolutely had to do while over there), which should be some time next month knowing dad and his time line for getting the prints printed .. lol, but at least I was able to get them, so in that regards I’m happy.

We didn’t spend long at the Museum, only a little over 2 hours, but it was enough since I was starting to get tired, and feel the pain in my neck and back (and the advil wasn’t working to keep the pain in check unfortunately), we still had to walk another 900m back to the bus stop (which turned out to be more then that cause we kind of did cooks tour about the campus looking it over – going to the book shop and getting a hat for myself with UBC on it.

When we got back to the hotel, we went down to the Seven Eleven which was just down the street (about 3 blocks down – and boy where there a lot of them in the area I found, far more then I know of in Toronto). There we got subs, and a drink, then headed back the to hotel, cause I needed to rest, which means I caught a few Z’s, woke about 6 in the evening, and told dad we could go search out the Steam Clock which he was hoping to see and photograph.

I told dad that we could get food in Gastown, that there was bound to be some place down there to find food (when we’d gotten off the cruse ship the taxi had gone though Gastown and I remembered seeing different eateries – so it seamed like a good way of getting two things dun that needed doing). So off we went to find the Steam Clock, and find it we did. It took us about 30 minutes to walk from where we where staying to where the clock is located (which is like in the heart of Gastown).

Dad shot his tape of the Steam Clock, and got several photos of it as well. He managed to get the entire production of the hour that it does, which is interesting to watch and hear. If I can I’ll post it online. Though you can get a listen to the clock if you click here, its not much but it gives you an idea of what it sounds like.

After we spend almost an hour at the clock we went in search of dinner, and we found the first original Old Spaghetti Factory, I didn’t realize that “In March of 1970, the first Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurant in Canada was opened in the Gastown district of Vancouver, British Columbia. The concept was a very simple one; take an old warehouse in a historic part of town and fill it with antiques and artifacts, provide the finest pasta and superb service, to make an extremely unique dining experience.”

Dad and I shared our meal since neither of us had a large appetite so we shared a platter of Spaghetti and meat balls (dad had all the meat balls), with that was a salad and galetto ice cream – I also had a side order of 6 wings and a Kookie Monster drink – which is a children’s version of an drink which apparently has rum in it.

So supper was good, after it we walked back through Gastown towards Canada Place, where dad took more photos, by then it was almost 930, and I was getting tired, so we headed back to the hotel.

When we got back, dad went to see if Mom and her helper where back, but they weren’t and it was a little past 10 in the evening, they didn’t get back to the hotel till almost 1030, which miffed dad, cause he new that the next day would be a long day for mom, and that she’d need her rest to get though it.

Take care everyone,



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