Tree still not up …

Well so much for getting the tree up before the weekend, its now looking like that is when it will be put up, even that’s up for debate at this point in time .. but I am hoping that it will get up shortly .. chuckles what can I say I like the lights that twinkle on it if nothing else that’s my fav part of it, that and of course seeing the gifts underneath it 🙂

Dad’s for some reason gotten into taking Griff out for a walk daily for some reason. Just out of the blue he’s stated taking him for a daily hour walk, maybe he finally clued in that my illness isn’t letting up so he better do it for Griff’s sake or only let him get his walk though Tiffani, who’s been coming over once a week to take Griff for a walk.

I know Griff’s not complaining about having a daily walk back in his life, its meant he’s not as rambunctious as he has been in the past several weeks, which is a nice change since his extra energy was getting on my dad’s nerves to no end … guess he figured it out for himself that he better take care of it since at the moment I’m unable to do so.

On top of that, I’m starting to eat more, but my tummy is still not interested in large amounts of food, tried for a full begal today and lets put it this way my tummy was so NOT pleased with that addition … sighs guess I’m still on the one main meal a day type deal with a minor treat here and there … sighs/growls

I am really getting tired of being ill, big time. I am even more tied of feel so freaking weak, doing my strength training stuff is taking three times as long and I have to really spread it out since I have lost the strength to even life a blasted 5 pound weight … now that just sucks and ticks me off to no end. I want out of this house, I want to go for a walk, I want to be able to do my wall push ups without trouble I want to be back to where I was before I got ill!

Oh well take care everyone



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