Tis the season

Well another christmas under the belt and another year coming to a close for that matter.

This year for Christmas was different from previous years in that this year gifts where not as plentiful under the tree (which is alright, it’s not what’s under the tree that counts but in ones heart) but yes there where some gifts.

This year dad got several things that he wasn’t expecting including two sets of night clothing, his yearly calander and several choices pieces of his favourite candy but like a lot of things one gift that we put away is MIA (which isn’t uncommon around this house when it comes to gifts, we tend to misplace at least one or two each year).

Mom got a host of new socks that have the rubber on the foot potion to help prevent her from slipping as she walks around the house.

N got a walmart gift card so he can get a pair of new shoes (his current ones are in need of being replaced – big time), plus his own assortment of treats.

I can’t say I got much because the one thing I did get I got with my own money, which was a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Cookbook the only draw back from the cookbook is that the author tends to use a lot of coconut in her recipes and that is one of the things I’m allergic to so its one of the areas I need to work around in the recipes within the book (which is all right most of the time she’s using coconut oil so using vegetable oil does work to many degrees).

Spent the morning cooking breakfast for everyone like mom and granny use to do when I was growing up. Its funny how they did it and made it look so easy yet on my own end of things doing it getting time to sit down to eat with everyone doesn’t really happen (think its because I have to cook different for myself then everyone else so it takes that little extra time – oh well its life). Unfortunately for me I did manage to gluten myself at breakfast because I did have some of the Canadian Bacon forgetting that it had gluten (so paid for that in short order). But on the up side of things I did learn that egg’s go rather well with vanilla flavoured rice milk (makes them a tad sweet that you don’t need to add anything to them to make them taste better, at least to me that is the case).

Never got around to taking images of the food that I cooked for breakfast, things where just to rushed so not to pleased with that as I’d like to have had a record of what I cooked up. But I did manage to snap a few images of what I made up for dinner save one food (the squash) and actually posted it to my Instagram account.

All in all I think the day went fair well, we enjoyed ourselves with what we had.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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