Time to Morn and Celebrate Life

Well I like many am not overly found of going to furnurals, or the like. And I especially do not like open casket deals, its not that it creeps me out cause it doesn’t, but the terrible job that is dun on the dead is what irks me to no end.

I can understand making the body up to look better then it would otherwise, but in most cases that I have seen they use way to freaking much make-up on the bed body making the body look really bad and in some cases like a mannequin. I’ve yet to see a body that looks like its just sleeping, which I am told is how it should look – but I’ve never seen it yet.

It has been a busy month in regards to deaths within the family. First my uncles mother passed away some two weeks ago, i think it was after just being released from hospital she gets home and after shutting her door and taking her coat off drops dead and isn’t found for 48 hours because ppl know that she is often out of the house most days of the week for hours on end. She was found by my uncle and his wife, after they had not been able to get hold of her for 48 hours, not a pretty sight I have been told.

Next comes the death of a lady who I also really didn’t know but who is part of the family, she is the mother of my causians partner, who ended up dying of lucemia (she was told she had it just about 3 months ago – and that they gave her no more then 3 months to live). She is survived by her three children, their partners and grandchildren.

Well the time of morning their passing starts for those who are involved. For my causian his partner apparently has almost 2 years of wearing black that she has to go though according to her religion, after which time she can stop wearing black and go back to normal life or something to that effect, I do not understand the custom – but if it gives her comfort then alright.

Well take care everyone,



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