Time, time and more time …. where does it all go…..

Well it has been some time since I last wrote here, and some time since I last was online for that matter. Sorry everyone, been ever so busy working my tail off to get some income to start paying off my school costs.

For the past month I’ve had net troubles but for the past couple of days I’ve just been focusing on getting all my sites revamped and back up and running fully.

I am pleased to say as of Midnight last night the redesign of Macintosh Sisters is complete and eveythings has been updated.

However, PathWalkers is still under construction, another 100,000 pages and change to go still :-(, but the good news on that front is that PWN Interactive is active and running for all who wish to join a online pagan community.

One the job front, I have for the past couple of weeks been working as a computer consultant, and getting a few networks and system up and running. Along with tutoring the first terms of the New Media Design program at Centennial College.

Other then that I’m still activly looking for contract/PR/FT work, but I know its out there, its just a matter of time.

Well that it for the moment, I’ll post more as time passes take care everyone.



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