Time is still passing me by….

Well more days pass, and work thoughtehre here and there is not 100% there 🙁 which is unfortunatly. But then it does leave me the change to work on PathWalkers, and I am. I finished working on Samhain the other night, just have Yule to finish and the Sabbat section will be finished. Then on to the Shamanism section, the rest of Meeting Point, Songs, the Study Group and lastly the Web Rings.

There are ofcourse other areas that I will be adding to the site, but I’m thinking that maybe I would not add a BoS to the main site, but instead link it to PathWalkers and be dun with it. Which means that any who wish to look at the BoS would have to join … not a bad idea, though not nessarly a good one eaither…. will have to see what happens with that one. I am pleased that thus far it is being well recieved, which is a good thing.

I finally got my PayPal account working so I’ll be adding a donation button to PathWalkers and to Macintosh Sisters, once things are working, and with luck I will get some funds in to help with the cost of the server and general domain costs, oh well time will tell in that regards.

Hmmmm what else .. well I have meet a few intersting ppl online lately, who have enjoyed viewing my sites, and I do so hop they will be back to view more as time passes.

Also my site was posted in the Toronto Star this past weekend 🙂 or rather a subdomain of mine, but still it was my work, it was the subdomain for “The Wolf Howl Project” that is taking place on November 1st 2003 at the Distillery, here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Well I’ll post more as time passes take care everyone,



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