Time flies!

Hard to believe that it is already September!

I know it feels like it with the current cool weather that is for sure, but at the same time feels like our summer was rather short (not that I’m complaining with the amount of sun I got nor the sun burn I got).

I am to degrees happy for the cooler weather save that my feet save once again started to freeze as have my hands – its like for the past week and change all the heat is going out of my body and its back to how it was before middle of june when my body started to warm up.

Sighs and growls.

I for one am looking forwards to going to the CNE tomorrow! It is a annual treat that I enjoy being able to do as possible, since it means we get to see what’s happening, take in a show and maybe sample new foods if they are safe for me to do so that is.

Well post more as time allows for it, take care!



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