The Show Sister Wives

Well its not one of those shows that I watch very often and the main reason that I’ve even watched it of late has been mostly because nothing else was on TV that was catching my attention to watch, but I do admit that a few of the commercials for the show have caught my attention over the seasons that its been on so I’ve caught it here and there.

Now anyone who knows me know’s that I support those who wish to live what is termed an Alternative lifestyle, because I believe that everyone has to find what works for them and stay true to it – which means it may or may not fit into what the general populace says is right or is comfortable with for that matter. This show is no different when it comes to this type of thing.

I know for myself it wouldn’t be a fit on many levels, but its not because of what many people might think. The reason that it wouldn’t be a good fit for me is because for one I am Childfree and the style that is on TV is that of people who wont as many kids as they can have, so that alone wouldn’t work for me on oh so many levels. But also the idea of being one of many women in a guys life just doesn’t sit well with me in general, though the idea of having a triad a husband and a wife does have its appeal on various levels – just not a practical deal nor something I know would fit with my life with Norman.

Yes I have given it thought, mostly because since I learned Norman was raised Mormon I had no idea about anything other then the stuff on TV and in the news that said Mormon’s where into plural marriages and many kids type deal – yet with Norman saying that he didn’t wont kids it made me pause. I asked the questions I had in regards to this plural marriage deal and his take on the deal.

He explained to me that its one sect of the faith he was brought up in that has been painted with a brush that has given other’s a bad name or there about there of – like when hasn’t that been the case with various parts of history or other religions for that matter. At any rate I learned and came to understand a little more, but I still questioned things since I only had his words to go by and at that point in time I still didn’t know him that well.

So I gave the idea of such a marriage thought, I already know that the idea of a partner sleeping with another ticked me off to no end (because I’d had it happen to be in the past, and vowed never again) but then I got to thinking that if I had a hand in making such a choice of who slept with who or the like would that make it easer or worse? Truth is I don’t know but with that option the idea of it wasn’t so off putting – though I was still a long way from agreeing with it beyond that idea of concept.

I knew years ago that I’m poly minded in that I know I can love and care about many different people in my life and I was for a short period of time part of a deal where I cared about a few different people like they where family – but sex, marriage and the like wasn’t part of the deal. Looking back on that and life I came to realize that yes I could do a form of poly but that when it came to sex that I am in the mono category and that anyone I paired with would have to understand that when it came to that area of things I wouldn’t share my fluid bonded partner with another in the same manner, which isn’t to say I wouldn’t allow him or her to have relations outside of our primary its just that one area would be off limits.

Thus I know that the general deal of poly I’m alright with and can work with, but the reality of the matter is that I’m very much mono and not into sharing my chosen partner with anyone.



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