The Goats – Linkin, Blinkin and Nod

Well finally got the pics of the kits from the Riverdale Farm – talk about a minor nightmare getting them, three times it took dad and I to get them. Three times because the staff didn’t know where they where when we where called to take their pics.

Well today they new where they where and we where able to take their pics there are three of them they had their horns removed yesterday so where nun to pleased today according to their keeper.

Their names are Linkin, Blinkin and Nod, Linkin and Nod are female while Blinkin is male. Unfortunately their mother died not long after they where born, I don’t know why she died, but they sent her body off for a necropsy to learn why she died after she gave birth.

The kits appear to be doing rather well, their keeper seems to be taking really good care of them, and from what I saw of them, they seem to have imprinted themselves onto her fair nicely.

Well when i get a chance I’ll post a couple of images of the kits, take care everyone.



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