The EX and the Air Show

Well yesterday Norman and I went to the Air Show at the EX – it was interesting as far as it went.

We originally where going to go to the EX with Dad and Uncle Brian, but do to mom’s failing health had to make other arrangements – so it worked out that Norman and I went on Sunday while dad and Uncle brian went today. Seems that Norman and I had much better weather for our time at the EX then dad and uncle brian have gotten today – oh well it happens.

We didn’t watch the whole air show yesterday, Norman wasn’t that interested in it as I’d hoped he’d end up being – then again I’ve not really be into the Air Show in several years, yet yesterday for the first time in years I actually was enjoying the show – maybe because I could see it without getting to blasted hot for me it was nice and cool thus easer to watch what was going on, that and the low cloud cover made watching it easer for me.

One thing about the air show that I know I liked was seeing the frigate ship H.M.C.S. Fredericton was a great high light – would have like to have been able to have gotten down to where it was docked today to be able to have had a tour of it, but that wasn’t going to happen, but still it was cool to be able to see in even at a distance during the show itself

After catching some of the show we headed off to look around the rest of the EX, first to the Better Living Center that they had turned into the Farm (yes you could pet some of the animals). After that we went over to the Hobbies and Craft building, unfortunately one of the places I wonted to get something from wasn’t there this year it did appear, but there was an interesting exhibit on display that was of various shapes and sizes of female busts called the “Beautiful Women Project.

After that we headed to the Salivation Army’s truck that serves tea/coffee and hot chocolate for a loony, after which we headed over to the food building to find something to eat – Norman ended up having a bad Phillie and Cheese, he said no to the hot sauce and they still added it (he didn’t know till we’d left the building) and I ended up with my stand by of Swiss Chalet not what I wonted I’d have like to have had chinese food, but I didn’t trust anything I saw enough to even try to eat any of it without issues.

After our meal we headed out into the fair grounds themselves, and Norman ended up playing a couple of the games that caught his attention, though he didn’t win anything – can close but not close enough. We eventually made our way to the Energy Building where they had the international stuff and walked around there for over an hour looking at what was on offer and making some notes on items that we’d like to get in out future (clothing wise and furniture wise). Yes its called planning our future and imaging that items would be nice to have in our future home. We know its not going to be reality for some time to come, but hay dreams do come true.

After that we made our way back towards to food building, to find something to snack on – which didn’t happen after looking around we couldn’t find anything that was within a good price range for us or that I could have without issue (I’d have loved to have had soft serve but with my dairy issues of late it wasn’t a good option). So we headed over to the bandshell and the RibFest which wasn’t that great in general, if I had known that they had blooming onion there I’d have gone for that as my choice in food over what I had chosen but since I didn’t it didn’t happen – oh well. After sitting around and just talking we headed towards the Children’s area and got a snow cone, Norman’s first since he was 5 y/o and my first since I was about 13 y/o.

After that we headed out to come home, though before coming home we stopped off at Price Choopers to prick up some Ice Cream for Norman to have later on in the week as the mood strikes him to have it. After that we headed home.

So all in all it was a good day out at the EX, but it was more costly then I would have thought it to be. cost us just over 70 bucks for the day, wasn’t pleased with that in general – we’re thinking that next year that we might just go for the after 5pm deal if its on offer other wise for get it, not going at all. Though like all things well see how it goes when the time does come.



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