The CNE 2017

Went to the Canadian National Exhibition this year, for a time we where not thinking that we’d be able to make it – but where there is a will there is a way to do so.

But now I am paying for it now unfortunately. We didn’t manage to stay as long as I was wishing to stay, only managed to last for 4 hours and 7 minutes before we had to call it a day, much to my displeasure. My body was so NOT pleased with me and Norman well he was feeling off to a degree that could trigger a seizure so we erred on the side of caution and went home early.

We arrived at the CNE a little later then we where wishing, but with my mobilities issues it took just a bit longer to walk then it did in the past. When we did arrive though I had a minor issue getting Norman to understand that I wonted him to go to the far side of the lines (near the marchals booth) I wonted him to go over there because there was less people in line and I really didn’t wish to line up for very long if I could well help it.

We did have Storm and Payton with us as a result we actually got though the line fast even the person in the wheelchair behind us got though at a good pace, once in we set where we would meet if we got parted (something I’ve always dun with my folks since I was a child as just in case deal). After that we hit the Food Building to get breakfast and then headed over to watch part of the Air Show, mostly ended up listening to it as I couldn’t really watch most of it do to my neck not being that mobile for movement, but I did manage to catch a few images of the show and a little bit of video also.

We watched/listened to the air show for about an hour and a half (almost two hours before we both where getting tired of it – K I was getting sore from standing and sitting and was really starting to feel it in my back and my neck/shoulders and being me I’d totally forgotten to pack my medication in Storms packs so didn’t even have an Advil to help with the pain creeping up on me.

After that we went into the Better Living Building to do some exposure training with Payton and Storm (very little – we kept a good distance from the animals just let them observe them from a good distance) both of them did great and Payton really rocked it by mostly ignoring all the animals (save the horse that one animal he was totally interested in to say the least), Storm for her part seemed oblivious to 90% of the animals there with a minor interest to the sheep and to the pigs (neither of which I am sure she’d seen before).

After that we headed over to the Arts and Crafts building and got a few items that I’d wonted to get that I knew was there last year and sure enough they where this year so managed to get two yummy pickles.

After this we went to let Payton use a tree out in the back area and rested for a little while. After resting it was decided that it was time to head home, but first a trip back to the food building to pick up a item we’d both been wishing to get for close to three months now since we first saw a flyer for a Sushi Barreto and OMG it was yumm and well worth the wait.

After getting that we got the candy apples and walked over to the tic to take the streetcar to the station and back home. So all in all a good day, but the new TTC Streetcars are so NOT Service Dog friendly on any level, there is NO WHERE to tuck the dog under the seat out of the way! meaning the dog is in the open and can easily be stepped on neither Norman or I like the new streetcars and are really hopping that we don’t end up on one again after this experience.



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