The Beaches 27th International Jazz Festival

Well another year of the Jazz Festival and another year of the Street Fest. Norman and I chose to attend once again this year, though we didn’t attend much of the general happenings that was taking place over the three weeks that the event took place, we just chose to attend the street fest, mostly to see what music was being played and to get a few treats if possible.

Thursday we didn’t go far made it down to the bottom of the street and a couple blocks and were more then ready to cut back and get home do to the noise and amount of people in attendance. Friday we faired much better as we actually left the house much earlier to see things, this is when most of the shots I took for the fest happened, including a great pic of a pup that I shared to twitter and what not.

Even going down early today, we had only thought about going to Lee Ave, but instead ended up waking the entire length of the event from Woodbine to Beech and back again, heading down it wasn’t that bad for music (since they where in the process of setting up) but coming back oi that was another matter, some groups show promise other’s sounded like screaming cats or other annoying sounds that you’d like to throw a shoe at to shut them up!

Vender wise there was an interesting assortment again this year, many of the local places had their booths infront of their places offering tastes of their food, which was good there where food trucks but OUCH costly! Licks was back again this year, which was nice to see but they people working the station didn’t know if they are still planning on having their flag ship shop back in the Beach or if its past its time and moved on to another flag ship location (I hope it comes back here, even if they are not overly vegan or celiac friendly). Got Norman a couple treats while out, sadly the treats I could have had where more pricy then I’d hoped for so wasn’t a option, though my dad did get me a treat that I shared with Norman.

Not sure if we will go down tomorrow or not, but we might depends on what the weather is like and how we feel.

Well take care everyone!



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