The All Mighty Linden…

Well looking through my book keeping at what I have spent and earned in SL it is a little shocked to say the least at the amount of L that I would have made had I never spent any of it and only poketed it (though no idea of one could sell stuff without spending a few L in the process, but still) the figure is rather startling at least to me.

From the start of my time in SecondLife at least at the point I started keep a record of finaces at any rate till yesterday I would have earned L$210,097.00, which is about 500+ USD, while at the same time I have managed to spend L$135,430.

Talk about the economics of a virtual economy … I can see how people might well make part of a living from it if what I made in the course of 4 months without spending it could well be made in a single month (sighs that would be a nice little extra) it would make a nice little extra to anyones income.

Well take care everyone



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