Storms Training

Well her training is coming along, unfortuatnly do to the weather/heat its not progressing as I’d like for it to be, but she is starting to settle back down and into things.

Still got a LONG way to go before she would be ready to take the CGN that is for sure, but most when it comes to the down stay side of things and interacting with another dog. She can ignore most but some still spook her to various degrees. The down stay is just a matter of time, but getting her to do it consistent is what need to be fully worked on and I am sure with enough time she will get it though her thick poodle skull!

I also know I have to stop compering hereto Payton for who fast he learned some thing vs how fast/slow she is doing for the same areas.

I’m also starting to think that I need to find her a better option for a best as the wattle bags she i snow wearing just isn’t cutting it for looking professional, so it means I either have to create a best for her myself (sow it from scratch) or buy it pre made from a online vender. I know there is someone who is willing to make a version of what was made for Payton, but part of me does’t think his style of vest is best for me and I know payton doesn’t like putting his vest on and so far Storm actually prefers putting on the backpack vs the dean and typer vest she was wearing until she out grew it (whew grew to dislike it – i think because it became to tight for her comfort).

Oh well something will be figured out eventually just a matter of time is all and obedience side of thing again time will season her and she’s progressed rather well since I started working her.

Post more as time does pass, take care.



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