St. Lawrence Market

Well we where just going to do exploring downtown today, Norman and I. But the Queen Streetcar had to make a detour down along King St. and cause it had to do that we ended up going by the St. Lawrence Market, a place that I’ve been telling him about for over a year now, but we’ve not been able to get to, till today.

It was his very first time at such a place, he’d never been to any place like it, which to me is a little strange, but I guess these indoor markets are not as common as I thought them to be.

It was fun showing him around the butcher and fishmonger stalls that are set up there, not to mention the fruit sellers and other market stalls. He said that he was like in sensory overload for all the new things that I was showing him, not to mention the low cost of much of the foods there, from Beef to Venison he was taking it all in. We even managed to pick up some first stuff form one of the fishmongers – got some maple salmon, seaweed salad and octopus salad as well. Plus from one of the butchers we got 4 sticks of lamb which we are planning on having sometime this week over the BBQ if we can manage to do so.

Well post more shortly, take care!



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