Spring Cleaning and Good Weather

Well today is one of those days that its nice to have, and thus because we’ve had some good weather today we’ve also started in on some of the spring cleaning that needs to be under taken, but also regular stuff that needs doing, such as…

    * Laundry (clothing plus bedding)
    * Washing the car
    * Dishes (daily deal to start with)
    * Our duties at the church (since their is a Stake Conference tonight and tomorrow needed to make sure all major areas of the church where in proper order)
    * Minor Shopping (couple sales on for essentials, garbage bags and the like)
    * Vacuuming
    * Loading the van with the books for Centre 55
    * Yard Work (rake the leaves and trim the hedges)

So all in all a busy day for what needs to be dun, plus still have stuff that needs to be worked on for a couple of clients all before conference starts tonight.

Well take care everyone, post as time does allow for it!



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