Slobberfest 2007

Well we finally made it to Slobberfest, and we all had a blast. By we I mean my dad, Griff and myself, dad got lots of pictures for a semi local newspaper known as Snap(the paper has chapters accross Ontario, and in other parts of Canada as well) that he does freelance work for, so we think many of the pics will end up in its latest edition out next month.

Griff even won an event .. chuckles, not that he had much in the way of competition unfortuatnly. He was up against himself in most regards for the dog with the roughest coat, k a boxer got second, how that happened I don;t know since a boxers coat is smooth not rought from what I know of the breed and touching them.

So yes this does mean there are current pics of Griff, I just have to get them downloaded from dad’s camera and then upload them here – which should be sometime this weekend I am hoping!

As I said we enjoyed the event, it was nothing like Woofstock thus is was a different change. Was a little disapoined that there wasn’t a better turnout of people and dogs, but then gain the event didn’t get much media attention as Woofstock got, so maybe just maybe they need to try and get the word or better for next year. Well time will tell, could have been that it was just to do it being so blasted hot out that ppl just where not interested in spending time out side without shade to protect them. Which is a possibility since even I got a nice burn myself and I was wearing Sunscreen SPF 50 of which I was reapplying it every hour while there (and we where there from noon till just before 5pm so I know we where there for the high of the UV index).

Griff for his part spent a good time hitting the water pools which where provided for the dogs to cool off in .. chuckles, one moment he was dry the next wet, then dry then wet then dry. On a day like today it didn’t take him long to dry off which ment he was hitting the pools as often as I would let him near them (which was only 4 times, which ofcourse was totally not enough likely in his personal opinion, I would think).

Well take care, post more as time does pass.



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