Seasonal Employment

Well its that time of the season again, school will be starting shortly and once again I’ll be going to various schools in Scarborough and parts of Toronto and photographing Staff and Students.

Had a good time of it in seasons past, before summer hit I was in the schools doing graduation photos of Senior Kindergarden, Grade 6 and Grade 8 Students plus did some High School work (non photography based). Enjoyed all of it and actually was able to remain mostly healthy though out the season (instead ended up getting ill last month – so with luck that’s it for the year, but not likely knowing my luck with that side of things and the little ones).

So once again I’ll be at it, starting Monday till Friday for our training and other stuff (new program being added plus general paperwork that needs going over and what not). Have to get some shopping dun so I have food for the week ahead – chuckles, got to get back into the habit of eating lunch (or at least packing it to get eaten).

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone.



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