Seasonal Changes

Well its that time of the season when things are changing, be it with the weather, employment, or what have you but its happening because its how it is this time of year for a lot of people including Norman and I.

We have both been under the weather for the past several weeks, or in my case months (since mid September for me) and we can’t seem to shake the cold and now my dad’s also caught it and its holding on to him as well – with luck it will pass soon for everyone, including myself (though in my own case, not likely until I finish the photography work).

Its been a busy month thus far, with a LOT of cleaning going on around the house, dad’s finally been able to let go of a few of mom’s items and has started to donate them to a local community centre that can make use of them for members of the community who are in need of the clothing that he’s donated, which is nice to know that the clothing will find someone who really needs them and some of the clothing is hardly used/warn thus almost new so am pleased they will find a good home with someone who truly needs them.

Where back to working on the storage units to pare them down into one unit and eventually getting ride of that one unit as well – we’ve given ourselves 6 months to do so, which means a LOT of the stuff we wish to keep will be donated because its not been used in X years thus will not be missed if we’ve not missed it in all these years that its been in storage – though I fully admit that many of the items will be hard to see go since they are part of my mom and grandmother, but I do see the reason for donating them it doesn’t make it any easer in doing so though.

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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