Scarborough RibFest

Well it was my first change to get to the Scarborough RibFest, and it was an interesting event to attend.

Though I can say that my liking for ribs in general is very small compaired to everyone else that appears to be getting ribs there including but not limited to my aunt and uncle.

They got us two full racks for 40 bucks (ACK OUCH!@), we ended up getting the ribs from a place called “Tennessee Fatbacks” and I’ll say this the sauce on the ribs was alright but way to blasted much for my liking, and to blasted rich for that matter, might be to other peoples liking but not to mine. The ribs where nice and tender that is true, I managed to get the best part of the rack the part without the bones … even with getting that I still only managed to get down about 3 to 4 oz of the stuff, my uncle got though over half of the rib, I figure of the rack I got maybe 15% of it in total.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the event, mostly was there for the ribs, to get another sweet treat and get back to the house to watch a movie, which was GhostRider … well worth it. Chuckles I’ve wanted to see that vid since it hit the theators, my aunt got it a bit ago, so said she’d save it till i had a chance to come around an watch it .. so that’s what we all did. Which made a great ending to the day in general.

take care everyone,



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