Question of the Day

What’s your favorite fast-food chain?
Hard choice, there are different ones depending on what it is I’m looking at but in general, the four that we tend to frequent are…

Tim Hortons – which some might call a fast-food chain, but a coffee house chain – though they have a full menu of food to order ontop of coffee n tea that makes up more of their offerings then their single style of coffee does. But it does fit the term of fast food since it is mass produced commercial food for sale at a good value for what you are getting, even if some of it is actually made to order.

The other would be Teriyaki Experience, it might not have as many locations as other fast-food joints but it has semi health options that are budget-friendly and actually are filling for what you tend to get and can actually be made gluten-free and vegan.

A&W – your classic hamburger joint, we use to call Harvies our go-to, but due to cost vs value of what you get A&W has moved into the value spot since lockdown has taken place.

Then there is our guilty pleasure of a treat place, Booster Juice – where we can get within reason a juice made to order in the form of a smoothie, out right juice or combo there of.



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