Power is on for the moment it would seem…

Greetings Everyone,

Well the power outages are still out there, but at the moment things appear to be prity normal. I’ve had another Interview, this one though I’m interested in it, I’m not to sure about the ppl who intervied me, they are like younger then me, and that’s saying something when one is only is their mid 20’s.

My folks and I are consurving power as best able, though I do have my air conditioner on, to cool my room, then when its cool I’ll turn on my fan to keep the air going and keep it cool, then once it heats up again back goes the air to get it cool again, and repete, but all in all its working, though not as cold as Id like it ta be, as in I like it cold (see ones cold breath, kind of).

Well take care everyone,



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