Where Does Peace Begin?

Start with your neighbor.
Start with a friend.
Better yet start with an adversary.
What better way for the madness to end?

Say hello to a stranger.
He walks a life path as do you.
Perform an act of kindness.
There are always too few.

Smile and wave to a child.
This world has Majick at every turn.
Enjoy life to it’s fullest.
For that you will not burn.

Be mindful of harsh reality.
Without becoming drenched in depression.
Stop being so critical of self and others.
Otherwise you will feed unnecessary aggression.

Be thankful for those that Love you.
They are the Angels that you’ve been sent.
Be kind to your physical being.
For it is the house that your Soul has chosen to rent.

Start with the Mother Earth.
Help take care of Her where ever you roam.
Start with your own family.
Peace begins at home.



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