My Heart Soars

My Heart Soars
Chief Dan George – Sep 6, 2002

This is why I find it hard to accept many of the things I see around me.

It is also difficult for me to understand the deep hate that exists among people. It is hard to understand a culture that justifies the killing of millions in past wars, and is at this very moment preparing bombs to kill even larger numbers. It is hard for me to understand a culture that spends more on wars and weapons to kill, than it does on education and welfare to help and develop.

It is hard for me to understand a culture that not only fights and hates his brothers but even attacks nature and abuses her.

Man must love fully or he will become the lowest of the animals. It is the power to love that makes him the greatest of them all… for he alone of all animals is capable of love.

Love is something you and I must have.

There have been times when we all wanted so desperately to feel a re-assuring hand upon us…there have been lonely times when we so wanted a strong arm around us…

Everyone likes to give as well as receive.

The only thing that can truly help us is genuine love.

With a genuine love that forgives and forgets…

This is brotherhood…anything less is not worthy of the name.

I have spoken.



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