Pain but feeling all right

Well it was freezing COLD while walking the dogs, walked a total of 4 dogs at once with the other walker, was interesting since I had almost no idea how the dogs would react to me and ya well they reacted like many do, but wishing to have some lovings (back, head n butt scratches).

Feeling a little pained in my lower back more then normal, but in general feeling better than I expected to be feeling after just an hours walk on the sand (something I tend to avoid doing as it always seems to dislike me when I’ve done it in the past – maybe it’s because the sands more solid with the current weather).

I’m still doing my graphic/web stuff, that’s not stopped but this Dog walking is to help with the bills plus my doc says that I need to be more active and well walking dogs is totally being more active that is for sure, at least accordig to my body and my fitbit it is being more active since I am hitting between 5k and 10k step wise so that’s better then my 3k average in a day of late.

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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