Old and New Friends

TrueFriendsWell was able to connect with Jacob in person instead of just talking with him online, and finally for the first time in 11 years actually able to meet his wife. Yes you read that right in the past 11 years I’ve not meet his wife, then again we’ve not seen each other in person in that 11 years either just chatted online (yet we have lived in the same city all this time – just different parts).

It was great to meet his wife and finally see his service dog in person Eclair, she is a lovely cream coloured standard poodle who is very bright eyed and alert – she is his hearing ear dog that he got though Dog Guides (the Lions Foundation program for service dogs), a couple years ago. I found it really hard to not touch her while we where enjoying our meal, yes I 100% admit that its really hard to keep my paws to myself and not touch he since she’s such a lovely creature and the fact that I love dogs in general makes its that added torture to not be able to have touched her. If you are wondering why I couldn’t touch her, simple when she in vest she is working thus as a working dog charged with doing a task for her master she is not allowed to be touched/petted or the like buy anyone other then her master (which can be over ridden by the master on occasions for specific reasons).

We meet at a local all you can eat sushi place out near their place, close to our church (so not that hard to find or get to, which was a nice change). The place was interesting as how you ordered things was though an modified iPad, where you tapped in the amount of items you wished to order then pressed send and in short order your food would be delivered (at least that is the theory, the reality like the paper method some orders get lost in the system). There was a decent selection of non-animal products to choose from, but not as many as one might hope or wish for, but decent enough that one wouldn’t starve at least. Ordered a few things that N and I have had else where and for the most part it was enjoyable though a few items not so much as you got next no nothing of the item to really taste it (which was annoying since with me I LOVE my mango salad and their version of it um ya more lettuce then actual mango – might have gotten a small slice of it if really lucky, so very much disappointed in that appetizer).

The portion sizes like a lot of the all you can eat sushi places was small and nothing like the images that where shown on screen, which was disappointing to various degrees also the fact that if you had special needs for the food you actually had to talk to someone and hope that they got the order right, thus I totally refused to order a few things because I just didn’t trust their ordering methods to be safe. Did we get our moneys worth? No sadly when all is said and dun N and I feel that the cost of the meal was over priced for what was served and some of it just was lacking in taste, yes some was very tasty and good but that was a small number. The up side of it I didn’t get ill from eating there, no gluten belly what so ever which was a nice change to say the least – but the amount of carbs I took in if what I entered into Spark was correct was in access of 200 grams and I only took enough insulin to cover 60 grams of carbs so ya my glucose at the end of dinner was hugging the roof and didn’t come even close to range (7) until almost 11pm, could have taken more but I didn’t wish to crash in the middle of our evening or have issues driving home (drove the 20 mins home started at 9.3 when i left, arrived home just over 7).

After dinner I drove Jacob and his pup to their apartment while his wife walked over (she didn’t wish to hitch a ride with us, which was alright, she beat us to their place at any rate), it was good to see their home and finally be able to give Eclair some attention that I had been itching to do since seeing her earlier in the evening. And boy was she a pile of energy when that vest came off and she knew she could just be, she was bounding all over N and I enjoying scratching, cuddles and even a game of tug and fetch. Jacob also did a mini demo of what Eclair is trained to do when it comes to alerting him to sounds (such as his name being called, microwave going off, etc). I know I’d seen the demo’s of what a hearing ear dog does in the past, but seeing her do it outside of a class room setting was interesting to say the least.

Spend the evening at their place talking for the most part, catching up on years past and N started playing Minecraft on their PS4 system showing them some of the things that you can do in the game – which they seemed to like seeing, said we’d being our xBox and controllers next time (since we have enough for everyone to use) so that should prove to be fun for everyone.

Well take care everyone!



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